Type of sentencesFormulaExample Simple Present Tense
positif (+)S +/- aux. verb(do/does) + V-1She likes eating out.
My friend cares about my problems.
S + be(am/is/are)He’s a magician.
The children are naughty.
negatif (-)S + aux. verb(do/does) + not + bare infinitiveShe doesn’t like eating out.
My friend doesn’t care about my problems.
S + be(am/is/are) + notHe isn’t a magician.
The children aren’t naughty.
interogatif (?)aux. verb(do/does) + S + bare infinitiveDoes she like eating out?
Does my friend care about my problems?
be(am/is/are) + SIs he a magician?
Are the children naughty?